Mindaugas Juodis

artist - painter

Each of my paintings is an odyssey into my brain including my heart and soul.  

The subject is literally traversing and surveying the area. 

I like graphic boundaries to place a limit on the space, with layers, including both straight and curved lines traveling throughout, deeply exploring the energy within. My work is rich in texture with subtle color combinations, and the organic subtly succumbs to instantaneous moods creating a deep sense of encoding.

The main objective is to give the viewer an opportunity to consider the larger, unseen realities that contribute to the energy and uniqueness of the painting. 

I speak through my paintings — all my emotions, desires, and deepest thoughts go into every piece rather than by spoken or written words.  The paintings speak for themselves and whatever they say it is the correct message because there is no right or wrong.  Each image provides something different to all that view the same piece, and, for me, it is a good thing because that is my challenge as an artist.  However, a little piece of me is given away with every sale.

My work appears as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, and time, both past and present, fuse.  With the use of abstraction, I try to seduce the viewer into a world of balance and the stream of daily events depicted to punctuate and find meaning in everyday life.  For me, painting is a way to use color, texture, including form to create a stimulating image — the quality of which is paramount.

The images that work best explore feelings of sensuality, creating illusions, but at the same time, emphasizing our fragile environment, and instill a sense of responsibility to preserve it.